SaveATreeCards Holiday eCards

Frequently Asked Questions

Important Tips

Please follow these tips to decrease the chance that your card is seen as spam and to increase deliverability:

  1. Don’t use excessive punctuation or special characters (e.g., @#$!?) in the subject and message fields.
  2. Don’t use excessive capitalization in the subject and message fields.
  3. The subject line should have something to do with the body of the email (e.g., “Happy Holidays”).
  4. Avoid using red text in your message.
  5. Use the sender’s name rather than a generic name (e.g., Sales Department).
  6. If possible, do not use a free email account (e.g., Hotmail) for the “Sender” email address. Some email servers automatically reject emails sent from free email accounts to large recipient lists.

What do eCard recipients and senders receive?

Recipient When you send an card, the recipient receives an email indicating that you have sent them a holiday card. Your name and email address is shown in the “From" field. The “Subject” line will be as you entered in the card set-up process.

If you send an Email eCard, the card will appear in the recipient’s email. If you send a Multimedia eCard, the recipient will receive a graphic inviting them to click on it to view their card in a browser.

To send yourself sample cards, go to the home page [] and click on the “Send me a sample card” button. You can send either or both of the Email and Multimedia cards.

Sender You will receive an email with a link to your Card Tracking Report. This report lists your recipients and the date and time each recipient viewed their card, as well as how often it was viewed by each recipient. The card you sent is also displayed in the Card Tracking Report page.

Is the package price listed the exact amount I will pay, or will any additional charges be added on at the end, such as taxes or fees?

You will be charged only the package price selected. There will be no surprise add-on charges.

What if I want to change my card selection?

You can change your card selection by returning to step 1 of the card creation process. You can then select a new card by scrolling through the card selections using the "Previous Card" and "Next Card" links at the top of the page. The cards displayed while scrolling will be in the category you selected (e.g., Thanksgiving Email). The content you have already entered will remain upon choosing a different card. If you want to change to a new card category and/or type (e.g., from a Thanksgiving Email card to a Thanksgiving Multimedia), your content will need to be re-entered.

Can I make changes to my card, mailing list, or send date after I have selected “Proceed to Checkout”?

Yes. To make changes, click the “back” button and you will be taken to the previous step. From there, you can continue clicking the “back” button until you reach the step you would like to edit, or you can click on the “step” dot at the top of the page to go directly to a specific step.

Can I edit or cancel a purchased card?

Once a card has been purchased, the transaction is final and no edits or cancellations can be made. Please be sure to verify all of the information before finalizing your order.

Can I change the duration, greeting, quote or image that appears on the card?

All cards are final as shown, but you will be able to add your own personal message in the “message” field. If you would like a custom card, please contact us at 877-237-5310 or email us at

Why am I not receiving notification emails in my inbox?

Due to certain spam filters, some email programs may send notification emails to your spam or junk mail folders.

What file size and file types can I upload for my logo?

You can upload a JPG, GIF, or PNG file up to 786 KB.

What dimensions should my logo be?

The image areas below your personal message are set to a maximum width of 550px. If your images are larger than this dimension, they will resize to fit the space. Suggestion: To avoid an image being smaller than you would like, be sure to crop any excess white space around the image.

I am ordering a card on behalf of someone else in my company, and want to use their email address but have the confirmation emails sent to me. Is this possible?

Yes, the email address you provided to save the card will receive emails with 1) a link to the Card Tracking Report page, 2) payment receipt, and 3) other emails necessary for the card setup process.

Who will receive the email replies that a recipient may send?

If recipients reply to their email, the email address entered in the Reply-to field during the setup process will receive the reply emails.

Why do I have to verify the Reply-to email address?

We verify this email address to avoid fraudulent spam and phishing email practices.

Is there a limit to the number of email addresses I can upload or cut-and-paste?

Yes, the maximum number of emails is 2,000 per order.

What file types can I use for uploading my email addresses?

You can upload a “csv” (comma-separated value) and/or Microsoft Excel “xls” or “xlsx” files. These files should contain only email addresses in a single column. Do not include any column headers or other information such as person’s name, address, etc.

You can export or save a csv file from most email programs (e.g. Outlook, Google mail), database programs (e.g., Filemaker) and spreadsheet software (e.g., Excel).

What do the cards look like in the recipient’s email?

In Step 3, the “Test Your Card” page, you can send your card to five people for review and approvals. A test card will appear exactly how your recipients will view your card.

Multimedia cards – The recipient receives an email with a graphic that complements the design of the selected card and links to the animated card in their browser or handheld device.

Email cards – The recipient receives an email with the holiday card graphic in their email.

You can also send yourself samples of Multimedia and Email eCards by clicking on the “Send me a sample card” button on the Home page.

If I send a card to multiple people, will each recipient see that I’ve also sent it to other people and/or their email addresses?

No. Each recipient will only see their email address in the “To” field.

Will recipients of my card be sent any marketing emails from Logica3 or

No. The recipient email addresses you upload are used only to send your card. We will never share, rent, or sell your list. Please see our Privacy Policy at:

My company is very sensitive about keeping our customers’ contact information private. Can we purchase a card from the selection and send it using our own email system?

Cards can only be sent through the domain. However, we will not use or sell any email addresses provided for sending your cards. Please see our Privacy Policy

I’ve placed an order, but forgot to include some email addresses. Can I send another round of cards as long as I don’t go over my email limit?

Once the card order is paid for, you will not be able to access and change your email list. We strongly encourage you to double-check your list of contacts to make sure that all email addresses are correct and that you’ve included all recipients.

Can I edit or cancel a purchased card?

Once a card has been purchased, the transaction is final and no edits or cancellations can be made. Please see our Refund Policy.

How will I be billed for my card purchase?

Your credit card will be billed upon completion of the checkout process.

What time zone is my card sent from?

All cards will be scheduled per the time zone per your computer's settings.

How long does it take for the card to send?

The card will be sent within a few minutes of your chosen delivery date and time.

Additional Questions?

For any additional questions regarding SaveATreeCards Holiday eCards, please email or call 1-877-237-5310.